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About us

Silkway Danışmanlık Ticaret Limited established in order to assist new foreign investors to facilitate their entry to the Turkish property and franchise markets. We believe that there are several reasons to invest in Turkey including its prosperous economy, low taxes, large domestic market, strong provision of infrastructure and constant demand for real estate development. However, to find the best investment opportunities and avoid risks there is a need for an up-to-date knowledge of the trends and regulations as well as professional guidance from a reliable consultancy. Silkway Danışmanlık aims at providing such services for its clients by referring to its years of experience in retail and real estate practice and using an expert team who are well informed of all the latest developments in the Turkish market.




The company has its origin in Iran where Silkway Leasing Consultancy was founded in 2010.

After years of successful practice in retail real estate the company joined its forced with an experienced advisory agency from Istanbul in 2018 to become Silkway Danışmanlık Ticaret Limited.



Our Approach

In Silkway Danışmanlık we have based our approach on constant monitoring of both property and retail markets. This will allow us to offer the best investment opportunities especially when it comes to franchise options in retail and F&B. Nevertheless, our familiarity with commercial and residential real estate markets and the trust of many owners/builders/developers have provided us with a large selection of investment opportunities to offer.



Our philosophy

In Silkway Danışmanlık we believe that investment in Turkey has considerable potentials of leading to a pleasant lifestyle with financial success IF a professional and knowledgeable consultancy is provided during the investment process. For example, for buying a new property in Istanbul, a foreign investor might face a myriad of challenges ranging from selecting the right district, communication with local owners and agencies, difficulties with financial transactions related to the purchase, the legal process of obtaining ownership and so on. Some of these challenges can quickly turn into serious risks if legal and financial precautions are not in place. Our strong team with years of experience would make sure that the investors go through a smooth and safe path to fulfill their investment goals in Turkey.


How we do it (Methodology)

While we appreciate the importance of location as a crucial factor in both real estate and franchise investments we also take into account the profound role of brands. For example, investment in a certain real estate development built by a well-known company with strong portfolio can bring its own advantages on top of location advantages. With the same token, buying an F&B franchise branch of a strong brand might also reduce the investment risks as brand-awareness can guarantee higher sales for that branch and hence better gains for the investors. To address this issue, and during the last 5 years Silkway Danışmanlık has developed a reliable network of key Turkish players in real estate and franchise sectors; this would enable us to give the most special offers to our clients based on our constant interaction with the Turkish companies.









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